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Major Works
Hotel & Restaurant High-end Boutique
Hotel &Restaurant High-end BoutiqueHigh-end Boutique

Retail Shop Office & Showroom
Retail ShopRetail Shop Office & ShowroomOffice & Showroom

Custom Furniture & Signage UPWeb & Graphic
Custom Furniture & SignageCustom Furniture & Signage Web & GraphicWeb & Graphic

Ko'Ko' Planning & Co.
RECRUIT Company's Year 2000 Achara
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We specialize in construction, architecture, interior design and web & graphic design. For inquiries, consultation service and rough estimates, please feel free to contact us by mail form provided on this site.
We welcome and appreciate your comments and opinions on our web site.

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Last updated on 7/1/2009

◆7/1/2009    Update: "Major Works - Web & Graphic - Web"

◆6/4/2009    Update: "Major Works - Web & Graphic - Web"

◆4/25/2009    Update: "Major Works - Web & Graphic - Web"

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